About Me

My Academic Journey

I did mathematics olympiads as a student in Romania and went on to do a degree at Oxford University in Mathematics & Computer Science.

For my masters project at Oxford, I worked on problems related to decidability of matrix multiplication problems. In particular, I showed that it’s a decidable problem whether there exist positive integers \(a,b,c,d\) such that \(A^a  B^b  C^c  D^d = T\) where \(A, B, C, D, T\) are given \(2\times 2\) upper-triangular integer matrices. For more details, please see the full report.

In 2022, I started a PhD in algebraic geometry at King’s College London under the supervision of Peter Jossen. The project was about motivic fundamental groups. However, I had a change of heart and, after one year, I decided to quit. In short, the main reason is that I have many interests and I realised I wasn’t going to be able to pursue them if I stuck down this route.

At the moment, I’m starting a career in the quantitative finance space.

My Athletic Journey

I played basketball competitively in Romania for 11 years. I gave up to pursue my academic interests but also because I had back-to-back ACL surgeries on my right knee.

Fast forward to the start of the pandemic and I started running in May 2020. I’d set myself a goal of running a half-marathon and two months later, I succeded, albeit not in a particularly great time of 2:28.

I continued running for two years until, in the summer of 2022, I picked up triathlon after signing up for the Mallorca half-ironman on a whim.

Triathlon is now by far my favorite sport. I will do my first ironman at Challenge Roth 2024!