About Me

My Academic Journey

I did mathematics olympiads as a student in Romania and went on to do a degree at Oxford University in Mathematics & Computer Science.

I am currently doing a PhD at King’s College London under the supervision of Peter Jossen. The project concerns itself with motivic fundamental groups but for the moment I’m mainly learning as much geometry and number theory as I can.

For my masters project at Oxford, I worked on problems related to decidability of matrix multiplication problems. In particular, I showed that it’s a decidable problem whether there exist positive integers \(a,b,c,d\) such that \(A^a  B^b  C^c  D^d = T\) where \(A, B, C, D, T\) are given \(2\times 2\) upper-triangular integer matrices.

My Athletic Journey

I played basketball competitively in Romania for 11 years. I gave up to pursue my academic interests but also because I had back-to-back ACL surgeries on my right knee.

Fast forward to the start of the pandemic and I started running in May 2020. I’d set myself a goal of running a half-marathon and two months later, I succeded, albeit not in a particularly great time of 2:28.

I continued running for two years until, in the summer of 2022, I picked up triathlon. It is now by far my favorite sport. I intend to someday soon do an Ironman!